Effective, practical, and appropriate engineering solutions to building envelope design.


Our key philosophy is to provide appropriate engineering solutions. We aim to communicate the most appropriate solution, which is not always the most low-risk or high-cost option. In our opinion, this is just good engineering. The design of the building envelope involves many considerations. Technological, environmental, land use, and societal needs change very rapidly and we believe that building envelope systems should be designed with consideration of future renewals and upgrades at the forefront.

We have worked on buildings that had expected service lives of five years (e.g. sales centers), to buildings that have expected services lives of 75+ years (e.g. hospitals and community centres) and each building has a unique set of design requirements. Our approach is to identify these requirements and design accordingly to best meet the expectations of the Client, future Owners, and the Community.


Our deep respect for the natural environment is integrated into our systems and approaches. Considered envelope solutions can add value to society and  the environment through responsible use of materials and resources:

  • Optimizing use of renewable, low impact, and upcycled materials in new buildings.
  • Designing durable, yet appropriate, assemblies where all components are designed to perform and age equally. This then reduces unnecessary waste at the time of renewal.
  • Carefully planned targeted repair strategies that optimize on the continued use of existing materials where possible.
  • Accommodating the future renewal of stay-in-place materials versus replaced new components.
  • Recommending renewals based on the Client failure criteria and not necessarily simply based on age (or expected service life).


Our expertise has roots in the coastal rainforest climate of British Columbia. This climate is particularly wet and humid, thus issues with moisture are more pronounced. As a result, we have developed an outstanding expertise in the understanding of moisture related issues in buildings. We have brought expertise beyond British Columbia to help Clients reduce risk of moisture issues in Alberta, Washington, and California. We are moisture management professionals.


We have developed and detailed our own internal quality management systems to enhance the quality of work we are involved with. This includes comprehensive administration and project management services to aid Clients and Contractors with completing even the most complicated and technical projects, as well as the careful consideration and enhancement of architectural aesthetics. Regular and consistent reviews as well as updating our approach to practice ensures our Clients are provided with the highest level of technical expertise, value, and service. In recognition of our rigorous quality management systems, Engineers and Geoscientists BC (EGBC) has awarded us Organizational Quality Management (OQM) certification.


Building Science is the study of passive moderation of mass climatic loading including air, water, vapour, and heat flows between environmental separations in buildings. The building enclosure, or building envelope, is the built assembly of materials designed to passively control this loading. This is typically achieved by the particular detailing and integration of moisture, air, vapour, and thermal control layers. Essentially, the primary function of these layers is to increase the durability of the building by protecting the structure and finishes from moisture related damage.

In simple terms, under most applications, the building envelope consists of the built enclosure including roofs, walls, windows, and foundations. This enclosure is designed to control rain water, ground water, interior humidity, and heat flow.

The Building Science Industry in British Columbia is supported by many contributors, making it one of the most progressive in the building construction world. Some key leaders in the local industry include:

  • BCBEC – BC Building Envelope Council
  • BC Housing – Licensing & Consumer Services
  • CMHC – Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation
  • CHOA – Condominium Home Owners Association of BC
  • RCABC – Roofing Contractors Association of BC
  • City of Vancouver
  • Other leading Building Envelope Consultants
  • And many others
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