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BC Building Science was retained by the Owners of Ashcombe as the Prime Consultant for a targeted building envelope renovation at their building.  Ashcombe is comprised of 92, 3-storey townhouse units spread throughout 17 clusters of units contained within the same building structure.  The structure is primarily wood frame supported on a slab-on-grade, and is located in Burnaby.

Prior to this renovation project, BCBS had conducted a BECA which generally concluded that the balcony assembly and related components were nearing the end of their service life.  The main assemblies affected included:

  • The vertical assemblies such as the balcony guardrails and base of columns supporting the balconies.
  • The horizontal assemblies such as the balcony membrane, fascia and related structural upgrades, and reframing work.


To correct the sources of failure and to properly restore the function, performance, and value of the building, a comprehensive renovation of all these assemblies was recommended.

We then helped the Strata determine a strategy to address the issues.  A renovation of all balcony assemblies in the complex was conducted to address localized failure and / or damage to the systems where applicable.  The renovation included the full replacement of existing balcony membrane, guardrails, structural upgrades to accommodate the guardrail install, and related structural repairs.

Through a process of consultation and various other methods, an architectural design strategy was developed and approved by the Strata.  Throughout the course of the project, BCBS provided the following services:

  • Renovation Approach and Philosophy
  • Investigation and Condition Assessments
  • Professional Engineering Design and Management
  • Specialty Structural Engineering
  • Building Envelope Commissioning and Testing
  • Drafting and Specifications
  • Balcony Renovation
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