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El Burrardo


Do you notice how the before and after images for this project look almost the same?  That’s because sometimes the most appropriate repair strategy consists of targeted repairs that address the problems while still preserving the original design intent.  As in targeted repairs that don’t look like repairs – so your building looks as good as it did when it was first built.

After a previous engineering firm recommended significant and costly renewal strategies, BC Building Science was engaged to provide a second opinion.  Following our assessment, a practical and more cost-effective approach was identified.  The resulting Building Envelope Renovation addressed persistent and ongoing problems with the building exterior, while also providing a significant improvement to the building in terms of durability and aesthetic appeal.

Work completed at this 35-year-old, 24-unit, 3-storey wood-frame apartment building included:

  • Replacement of original wood siding with new rainscreen siding assemblies;
  • Selective replacement of high exposure stucco wall surfaces with new rainscreen stucco;
  • Retention of the existing stucco at sheltered walls including new paint finish;
  • Restoration and retention of the existing brick veneer cladding;
  • Complete renovation of the balconies and patios;
  • Complete replacement and upgrade of all windows and doors;
  • Localized replacement and architectural enhancement of front entry pathway; and
  • Other typical or localized repair and maintenance work.

The final project cost was $930K, inclusive of all costs.

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