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Grantview Place


Do you notice how the before and after images for this project look almost the same?  That’s because sometimes the most appropriate repair strategy consists of targeted repairs that address the problems while still preserving the original design intent.  As in targeted repairs that don’t look like repairs – so your building looks as good as it did when it was first built.

BC Building Science was retained by the Owners of Grantview Place as the Building Envelope Consultant for a targeted building envelope renovation at their building.  Grantview Place is a 4-storey wood frame residential building constructed over a below-grade parking garage.  The building contains 19 residential units, and is located at 1520 Cotton Drive, Vancouver.

BCBS and the Strata developed an architectural design strategy to improve the function, durability and appeal of the building exterior.  Through a process of consultation and various other methods, an Architectural design scheme was developed and approved by the Strata.  The renovation included structural remediation, localized exterior wall remediation, targeted balcony and deck renovation, new downpipes, and new electrical light fixtures.

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