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September 13th, 2023

By: BC Building Science

Whether you live in a thriving metropolis or a small town by the sea, your home’s balcony, particularly if you reside in a multi-unit building, is your private access point to the outside world.  Keeping it clean, inviting, and in good repair should be top of mind so that you can easily enjoy it with a simple upkeep plan.  One of the first things to avoid is using your balcony as a storage space as they have not been designed to carry unreasonable excess weight, plus it’s not a good look from the outside of the building.  Avoid excessive planters and pots on the balcony surface which can lead to a cluttered and unsafe space.  Planters or pots should be relatively small, placed away from the outer edge and exterior walls, and be free-draining into drainage pans.  Avoid the installation of large mats or carpets over the balcony walking surface as these can inhibit proper drainage and retain moisture.  Take care not to damage the balcony membrane and ensure that furniture and any other items have smooth footings that won’t cause tears.  Snow, leaves, and other debris build-up should be removed regularly with a broom or plastic (not metal) shovel.  Any permanent stains, holes, or other damage to the membrane should be brought to the attention of the Property Manager for a timely repair.  Many of us spend the vast majority of our days inside, so when we get the opportunity to sit under the stars or watch the sun rise, we’ll appreciate a balcony that is a both well-maintained and pleasing to the eye!









Date posted — August 11, 2023

BC Building Science is looking for an Intermediate Mechanical Engineer to join our Energy Modelling Team. 


Date posted — August 2, 2023

BC Building Science is looking for an intermediate or senior Engineer to join our successful team.  The main role involves supervision of EITs and Technologists in providing building envelope design and field review services for new construction.   


Date posted — February 14, 2023

BC Building Science is looking for an intermediate professional to direct our Asset Management Division.

Building Envelope Engineer in Training (EIT)

Date posted — January 31, 2023

BC Building Science is looking for a Building Envelope Engineer-in-Training to join our successful team in Victoria area – Vancouver Island.

Building Envelope Consultant (USA)

Date posted — February 1, 2022

BC Building Science is looking for a Building Envelope Consultant to join our successful team as a contractor based in Seattle or Los Angeles.