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BCBS Strives To Build Strong Relationships With New Homeowners

March 29th, 2023

By: BC Building Science

Promoting positive communication is important when building a strong relationship between developers and new homeowners.  We have learned from working with Strata owners that maintaining trust is critical in managing the emotions involved during the first few years of new home ownership.  Through experience, we realize we can help strengthen this relationship while also helping new homeowners understand their new home better through some proactive and strategic building science services.


One of the services that we offer is the Building Envelope Maintenance Manual.  This manual is a valuable tool to help new owners and occupants understand their envelope maintenance responsibilities.  We also offer a complimentary online meeting with a building’s Strata Council to both review the manual and offer an opportunity to ask questions.


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Date posted — April 17, 2023

BC Building Science is looking for an Intermediate Energy Modeler to join our team.


Date posted — February 14, 2023

BC Building Science is looking for an intermediate professional to direct our Asset Management Division.

Building Envelope Engineer in Training (EIT)

Date posted — January 31, 2023

BC Building Science is looking for a Building Envelope Engineer-in-Training to join our successful team in Victoria area – Vancouver Island.

Building Envelope Consultant (USA)

Date posted — February 1, 2022

BC Building Science is looking for a Building Envelope Consultant to join our successful team as a contractor based in Seattle or Los Angeles.