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Thriving Green Roofs Are Changing the Urban Landscape

April 17th, 2023

By: BC Building Science

What an incredible gift a garden roof is to a city dweller who lives in a building surrounded by concrete, metal, and glass.  The flat roof that protects you from the elements may also provide you with a serene green space high above the traffic and noise.  The concept of a green roof isn’t a new one, but with innovative green roof policies and programs popping up in many urban centres around the world, more Canadian cities are getting on board.  Not only are these lush spaces good for the soul, they are extremely beneficial to the environment.  In increasing numbers, employees and students can visit an urban oasis in the middle of a busy day as office buildings and city-centre schools are enhancing their roofs to maximize well being.  It’s important to note that these green roofs may logically seem as though they could easily flourish on their own, but they do require regular and careful maintenance to prevent weeds from taking over, and to ensure adequate drainage – no one wants a waterlogged roof!

So the next time you’re walking down a city street, be sure to look way up… you may catch a glimpse of some dazzling greenery!


Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash




Date posted — April 17, 2023

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